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These commands and functions make it possible for you to assign values to variables or text.

Use To

& Command

Perform macro substitution.

= Command

Evaluate one or more expressions.

ACOPY( ) Function

Copy elements from one array to another array.

ADEL( ) Function

Delete an element from a one-dimensional array, or a row or column from a two-dimensional array.

ADIR( ) Function

Place information about files into an array and then return the number of files.

AELEMENT( ) Function

Return the number of an array element from the element's subscripts.

AFIELDS( ) Function

Retrieve and stores information about the structure of the table in a specified work area, specified by a table alias, or in the currently selected work area in an array and return the number of fields in the table.

AINS( ) Function

Insert an element into a one-dimensional array, or a row or column into a two-dimensional array.

ASCAN( ) Function

Search an array for an element containing the same data and data type as an expression.

ASORT( ) Function

Sort elements in an array in ascending or descending order.

ASUBSCRIPT( ) Function

Return the row or column subscript of an element from the element's number.


Compute the arithmetic mean of numeric expressions or fields.

CLEAR Commands

Release the specified item or items from memory.

CLEAR Commands

Release the specified item or items from memory.

COUNT Command

Count table records.


Display the current contents of variables and arrays.


Display the Expression Builder Dialog Box so you can create an expression and store the expression to a variable or array element.

_GETEXPR System Variable

Specify the program that is executed when you issue the GETEXPR command or invoke the Expression Builder dialog box from within Visual FoxPro.

LEN( ) Function

Determine the number of characters in a character expression, indicating the length of the expression.

LIST Commands

Display table or environment information without pausing the main Visual FoxPro or user-defined window. В 

LOCAL Command

Create local variables and variable arrays. В 


Assign data from a calling program to private variables or arrays.В 


Hide specified variables or arrays that were defined in a calling program from the current program. В 

PUBLIC Command

Define global variables or arrays. В 


Remove variables and arrays from memory. В 


Retrieve variables and variable arrays saved in a variable file or a memo field and places them into memory.В 

SAVE TO Command

Store current variables and arrays to a variable file or memo field.В 

STORE Command

Store data to a variable, to an array, or to an array element.В 

SUM Command

Total all or specified numeric fields in the currently selected table.В 

TEXTMERGE( ) Function

Provide evaluation of a character expression.В 

WAIT Command

Display a message and pause Visual FoxPro execution until the user presses a key or clicks the mouse.В 

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