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Displays information about individual members of the class. The dialog box that contains this tab appears when you choose Class Info from the Class menu.

The Members tab consists of a list box with the following columns:


Displays the class name.

Displays the class property or method name. Access and Assign methods created for properties also appear in the Name column.

Specifies whether the class member is protected, public, or hidden. If you select Protected from the Visibility drop-down list in the Edit Property/Method dialog box, access and changes to class properties are prevented from outside the class or subclass definition.
No Init

Specifies whether the Init method is executed when an object is added. When true (.T.), the Init method is not executed. This option only applies to subclasses of the class.

Opens the Edit Property/Method dialog box where you can edit an existing property or method.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development