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Sets the default code page to use for character data translation during COM interoperability in the current data session.

SYS(3101 [, nCodePage])



The code page (integer) to use for translating character data during COM interoperability. An error will occur if an invalid code page is passed.

Return Value

SYS(3101) returns the current code page. If an nCodePage parameter is included, the code page previously set is returned. The default setting is 0 (machine).


If a COMPROP(,"UTF8",1) setting is in effect, it will take precedence over the SYS(3101) setting.

The CursorAdapter ADOCodePage property allows you to control the code page used for character translation when working with ADO data.

It is recommended that you limit use of this function to your specific COM translation needs and restore it to the previous default setting when done.

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