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Requests cancellation of an executing SQL statement.

SQLCANCEL(В ) cancels the execution of SQLCOLUMNS(В ), SQLEXEC(В ), SQLMORERESULTS(В ), and SQLTABLES(В ) in asynchronous mode. To establish asynchronous mode, use the SQLSETPROP(В ) function.




Specifies the active statement handle whose SQL statement is to be canceled.

Return Value

Numeric. SQLCANCEL( ) returns 1 if the SQL statement is successfully canceled, – 1 if there is a connection level error, and – 2 if there is an environment level error.


The following example assumes SQLCONNECT(В ) is successfully issued, and its return value is stored to a memory variable named gnHandle.

SQLEXEC(В ) is used to sends a SQL statement to the data source and return the results to a cursor. SQLCANCEL(В ) is issued to stop the query.

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= SQLSETPROP(gnHandle, 'asynchronous', .T.)   && To stop SQLEXEC( )
= SQLEXEC(gnHandle, 'SELECT * FROM authors')
= SQLCANCEL(gnHandle)   && Wrong select statement, cancel

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development 
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