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Assigns data passed from a calling program to local variables or arrays.

LPARAMETERS Parameter1 [AS type [OF ClassLib]] 
   [, Parameter2 [AS type [OF ClassLib]]]



Specifies one or more local variable or array names to assign data from the calling program. Use commas to separate multiple parameters in ParameterList. You can pass a maximum of 26 parameters.
The LPARAMETERS statement must specify at least as many parameters as used by the call to the program, procedure, or function containing the LPARAMETERS statement. If more variables or arrays are listed in the LPARAMETERS statement than are passed by the calling program, the remaining variables or arrays in the LPARAMETERS statement are initialized to False (.F.).

[ AS type [OF ClassLib] ]

Specifies the data type of the local variable or array and the class library containing the type description of type which this variable or array is based on. You can use the AS clause to implement strong typing. IntelliSense functionality is available for object and variable references only when they are strongly typed. For more information, see How to: Implement Strong Typing for Class, Object, and Variable Code.


When LPARAMETERS is used with a program, procedure, or user-defined function called with the DOВ command, it must be the first executable statement in the called program, procedure, or user-defined function.

By default, the WITH clause in the DOВ command passes variables and arrays by reference to procedures. By default, Visual FoxPro passes arguments by value to user-defined functions.

To pass entire arrays to functions, you must pass them by reference. If you do not pass arrays to functions by reference, only the first element passes to the function. For more information, see How to: Pass Data to Parameters by Reference.

For more information, see Passing Data to Parameters and Parameters in Procedures and Functions.

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