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Maps remote Unicode data retrieved through SQL pass-through or remote views to ANSI.

SYS(987 [, lExpr])



True (.T.) - Unicode data is always fetched as ANSI. The ODBC driver performs the conversion from Unicode to ANSI. False (.F.) (Default) - Unicode data is fetched as Unicode.

Return Value

Logical data type. SYS(987) returns the previous setting.

If you call SYS(987) without the lExpr parameter, it returns current setting.


SYS(987) can be used to return remote Varchar data as ANSI for use with Memo fields.

The SYS(987) setting is a global setting across all data sessions. After a remote cursor is created, changing the SYS(987) setting does not affect subsequent data fetches for the cursor even if REQUERY(В ) is executed.

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