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Occurs immediately before a delete command for a record executes.

If batch updating is used, that is, the CursorAdapterВ BatchUpdateCount property is greater than 1, BeforeDelete does not occur.

PROCEDURE Object.BeforeDelete 
LPARAMETERS cFldState, lForce, cDeleteCmd



Specifies the field states of the row being processed. This is the same value as obtained from calling the following function:
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For example, this value can be a character string consisting of deletion and edit status values for all fields in the table or cursor. If a table has five fields and only the first field has been edited, GETFLDSTATE( ) returns a value of 121111. The number 1 in the first position indicates the deletion status has not been changed.

Specifies the value of the lForce parameter from the TABLEUPDATE( ) function.

Specifies the value of the DeleteCmd property. Visual FoxPro uses the value of cDeleteCmd as the delete command, which you can change in this event. However, if you change the value of the cDeleteCmd parameter, the value of the DeleteCmd property does not change.


Applies To: CursorAdapter Class

If code in BeforeDelete returns False (.F.), the delete operation does not occur.

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