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Specifies the set of text-merge delimiter characters to use other than the default.

SET TEXTMERGE DELIMITERS [TO cLeftDelimiter [, cRightDelimiter]]


[TO cLeftDelimiter[, cRightDelimiter]]

Specifies the delimiters to use. You can specify a maximum number of two delimiter characters. The default delimiter characters are the double angle brackets (<< and >>).
If you specify only one set of delimiter characters with cLeftDelimiter, both the left and right delimiter characters are set to cLeftDelimiter. If you specify both sets of delimiter characters with cLeftDelimiter and cRightDelimiter, the first set of delimiter characters is set to cLeftDelimiter and the second set of delimiter characters is set to cRightDelimiter.

To restore the default delimiter characters, call SET TEXTMERGE DELIMITERS without arguments.


You can display the current delimiters used with the DISPLAY STATUS command.

For more information about text-merge delimiter characters, see SET TEXTMERGE Command.

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