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Returns the Locale ID used by automation and ActiveX controls.


Return Value



SYS(3004) returns the current Visual FoxPro Locale ID (LCID), which is determined by the Visual FoxPro Language ID (LangID) and Sort ID.

The Locale ID determines the language in which automation and ActiveX controls exchange information. The default Visual FoxPro Locale ID is 1033, English.

For example, assume you have installed the German version of Microsoft Excel 5.0, which supports both English and German commands. In this case, the following example makes it possible for you to start and close the German version of Microsoft Excel 5.0:

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oleExcel1 = CREATEOBJECT('Excel.Application')  && Starts Excel

? SYS(3005, 1033)  && English Locale ID
oleExcel1.Quit  && Closes Excel with English command

oleExcel2 = CREATEOBJECT('Excel.Application')  && Starts Excel

? SYS(3005, 1031)  && German Locale ID
oleExcel2.Beenden  && Closes Excel with German command

For a list of Visual FoxPro Locale IDs, see SYS(3005) - Set Locale ID. For additional information about Locale, Language, and Sort IDs, see the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit documentation.

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