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Returns the last modification Date or DateTime for a file.

FDATE(cFileName [, nType])



Specifies the name of the file whose last modification date FDATE(В ) returns. cFileName can include a path with the file name. If a path is not included with the file name, Visual FoxPro searches for the file in the default directory and in any directories or folders specified with SET PATH.

Specifies that FDATE(В ) returns the last modification date or DateTime of the file specified with cFileName. If nType is 0, the last modification date is returned. Including 0 is identical to omitting nType. If nType is 1, the last modification DateTime is returned.

Return Value



The Date or DateTime value that FDATE(В ) returns is assigned to the file by the operating system.

Use LUPDATE(В ) to determine the last modification date for an open table.


The following example uses FDATE(В ) to display the last modification DateTime for FoxUser.dbf, the Visual FoxPro resource file.

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? FDATE('FOXUSER.DBF', 1)  && Displays the last modification DateTime

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