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Occurs just before a file is removed from a project.

PROCEDURE Object.QueryRemoveFile
LPARAMETERS oFile, cClassName, lDeleteFile



Contains an object reference to the file to remove from the project. oFile is passed to the QueryRemoveFile event after the Remove method is executed, you choose Remove in the Project Manager, or you choose Remove File from the Project menu.

Contains the name of the class to remove if the file is a .vcx visual class library.

Contains a logical value that indicates if the file is to be deleted from disk as well as the project. lDeleteFile contains false (.F.) if Remove (remove from project) is chosen in the dialog that is displayed when you attempt to remove a file from a project. lDeleteFile contains true (.T.) if Delete (remove from project and delete from disk) is chosen in the dialog.


Applies To: ProjectHook Object

Include NODEFAULT in the QueryRemoveFile event to prevent a file from being removed from the project.

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