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Displays summary information from the current .log file and provides access to project, source text, and skipped files information.


Displays summary information on the file selected in the Source List pane. The content of this area is dependent on the type of file selected. The dialog box displays only statistics on lines in the cases of database (.dbc) or program (.prg) files. In the case of file types such as .frx, .lbx, .scx, and .vcx, that contain classes, the dialog box displays information on lines and on classes. The details that comprise this information are displayed in the Source Code pane as either Coverage or Profile mode information.

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Statistics by Project

Enables you to select a project file and generate a detail and summary report on the coverage of the project.
Source Text Log

Displays the current log file in the Visual FoxPro editor.
Source Files Skipped

Opens a Browse window on the SkippedFiles cursor. This cursor contains names of files for which the Coverage Profiler provides no information. These files can be files for which you have no uncompiled code, files Coverage Profiler was unable to locate, or Coverage Profiler source code.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development