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Returns the files setting in CONFIG.SYS.


Return Value



In FoxPro for MS-DOS, SYS(2010) returns as a character string the files setting in your CONFIG.SYS configuration file.

In Visual FoxPro, SYS(2010) always returns 255.

Most Config.sys files contain a line specifying the maximum number of files that can be opened at the same time under MS-DOS. This line usually reads FILES=NNN, where NNN is a number. SYS(2010) returns this number.

A Config.sys configuration file doesn't have to have a files setting; furthermore, you need not have a Config.sys file. SYS(2010) returns the default MS-DOS files setting in either case.

The number returned by SYS(2010) isn't the number of files you can open in Visual FoxPro, FoxPro for Windows, and FoxPro for MS-DOS. MS-DOS opens files for its own use. Visual FoxPro and FoxPro for Windows also open files for their own internal use, and the number of these open files can vary throughout a FoxPro session. The files setting in your Config.sys file must be somewhat greater than the number of files you would like to open in Visual FoxPro.

For more information on the Config.sys configuration file, see your MS-DOS manual.

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