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Ends an asynchronous dynamic data exchange (DDE) transaction.




Specifies the transaction number returned by DDEExecute(В ), DDEPoke(В ), or DDERequest(В ) when the transaction is sent to the server application.

Return Value



An asynchronous transaction allows Visual FoxPro program execution to continue without waiting for the server application to respond to a data request.

DDEExecute(В ), DDEPoke(В ), and DDERequest(В ) wait for the period specified by DDESetOption(В ) for a server application to respond, unless you specify a user-defined function to execute when the server application responds. Specifying a user-defined function to execute in these functions creates an asynchronous transaction.

If DDEAbortTrans(В ) is called before the server has processed the request, the user-defined function will not be called for the transaction.

DDEAbortTrans(В ) returns true (.T.) if the asynchronous transaction is successfully ended and returns false (.F.) if the asynchronous transaction cannot be ended. Use DDELastError(В ) to determine why the transaction could not be ended.

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