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When you type code, Visual FoxPro IntelliSense can help you complete Visual FoxPro programming syntax using the following functionality:

Quick Info

Quick Info functionality displays additional syntax information for Visual FoxPro language elements such as functions and methods. For example, when you type a SYS(В ) function in the Command window, Quick Info displays a list box containing available syntax elements you can choose from. When entering argument values for methods, Quick Info displays the syntax in a Tip window and the next argument in bold. For other Visual FoxPro language elements, such as commands, syntax information displays in a Tip window.

Quick Info is available in any location you can type Visual FoxPro code, such as the Command window, editors, and code windows.

List Members

List Members functionality displays a list box of available members for certain Visual FoxPro language elements, such as the _VFP and _SCREEN system variables, and in more limited locations, available members such as properties, methods, events, and objects for instantiated objects. List Members is also available for visual objects, ActiveX controls, COM servers, native Visual FoxPro classes, and user-defined members when they are strongly typed. For more information, see How to: Implement Strong Typing for Class, Object, and Variable Code.

For objects created at run time by functions such as CREATEOBJECT(В ), CREATEOBJECTEX(В ), NEWOBJECT(В ), and GETOBJECT(В ), IntelliSense populates the List Members list box with information from class definitions or type libraries that Visual FoxPro searches for in the following locations:

  • Visual FoxPro object base classes.

  • Class definitions in memory in the order that they were loaded.

  • Class definitions in the current program.

  • Class definition in a visual class library (.vcx) file opened by the SET CLASS command.

  • Class definitions in the procedure files opened by the SET PROCEDURE command.

  • Class definitions in the Visual FoxPro program execution chain. For more information, see DO Command.

  • System registration database (registry).

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Quick Info and List Members.

List Values

When assigning values to properties programmatically for objects, List Values functionality displays value editors, such as font or color pickers, or a list box of available values. List Values is available for properties that have a defined set of values, and the type library of the referenced object determines the contents of the List Values list box. For properties in type libraries, List Values supports enumerations.

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