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Deactivates a menu created with DEFINE POPUP.

DEACTIVATE POPUP MenuName1 [, MenuName2 ...] | ALL


MenuName1[, MenuName2...]

Specifies the names of the menu or menus to deactivate. You can deactivate a set of menus by including a list of menu names separated by commas.

Deactivates all active menus.


DEACTIVATE POPUP removes an active menu or set of menus from the main Visual FoxPro window or a user-defined window without removing the menu definition from memory. A menu can be reactivated using ACTIVATE POPUP and the menu name.

Use RELEASE POPUPS with the menu name to release a specific menu or a set of menus from memory. You can release all menus from memory with CLEAR POPUPS or CLEAR ALL.

Program control is returned to the line immediately following the line that activated the menu unless ACTIVATE POPUP NOWAIT is used to activate the menu.

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