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Creating images for the Web is a bit different from creating images for output on paper. Although the basic characteristics of Web images and printable images are the same, six main factors distinguish them: format, color, size/resolution, speed, transparency, and animation. This chapter will explain the important aspects of each of these six factors and how to use that knowledge to create the most effective images for your Web site.

Once you've created your images, we'll go on to insert them on your Web page.

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      About Images for the Web
      Getting Images
      Choosing an Image Editor
      The Save for Web Command
      Inserting Images on a Page
      Offering Alternate Text
      Specifying Size for Speedier Viewing
      Scaling an Image
      Making Images Smaller
      Making Images Float
      Stopping Elements from Wrapping
      Adding Space around an Image
      Aligning Images
      Adding Horizontal Rules
      Adding an Icon for Your Web Site

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