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HTML, XHTML, & CSS Visual QuickStart

        Chapter i.  Introduction
      The Internet, the Web, and HTML
      Open but Not Equal
      The Browser Wars
      The Push for Standards
      CSS and Browser Support
      XHTML vs. HTML: What Should You Use?
      How This Book Works
      What's Changed in the Sixth Edition
      The HTML VQS Web Site
        Chapter 1.  Web Page Building Blocks
      Markup: Elements, Attributes, and Values
      A Web Page's Text Content
      Links, Images, and Other Non-Text Content
      File Names
      HTML vs. XHTML
      Versions, Flavors, and DOCTYPE
      The Default Display of (X)HTML
        Chapter 2.  Working with Web Page Files
      Designing Your Site
      Creating a New Web Page
      Saving Your Web Page
      About Microsoft Word and Web Pages
      Specifying a Default or "Home" Page
      Editing Web Pages
      Organizing Files
      Viewing Your Page in a Browser
      The Inspiration of Others
        Chapter 3.  Basic (X)HTML Structure
      Starting Your Web Page
      Creating the Foundation
      Declaring the Encoding
      Creating a Title
      Creating Section Headers
      Starting a New Paragraph
      Naming Elements
      Breaking up a Page into Divisions
      Creating Inline Spans
      Creating a Line Break
      Adding Comments
      Labeling Elements in a Web Page
        Chapter 4.  Basic (X)HTML Formatting
      Making Text Bold or Italic
      Changing the Size of Text
      Using a Monospaced Font
      Using Preformatted Text
      Quoting Text
      Creating Superscripts and Subscripts
      Marking Changed Text
      Explaining Abbreviations
      Centering Elements on a Page
        Chapter 5.  IMAGES
        Chapter 6.  Links
        Chapter 7.  Style Sheet Building Blocks
        Chapter 8.  Working with Style Sheet Files
        Chapter 9.  Defining Selectors
        Chapter 10.  Formatting with Styles
        Chapter 11.  Layout with Styles
        Chapter 12.  Dynamic Effects with Styles
        Chapter 13.  Style Sheets For Handhelds
        Chapter 14.  Style Sheets for Printing
        Chapter 15.  Lists
        Chapter 16.  Tables
        Chapter 17.  Forms
        Chapter 18.  Video, Audio, and Other Multimedia
        Chapter 19.  Scripts
        Chapter 20.  A Taste Of Javascript
        Chapter 21.  Symbols And Non-English Characters
        Chapter 22.  Testing and Debugging Web Pages
        Chapter 23.  Publishing Your Pages on the Web
        Chapter 24.  Getting People to Visit
        Chapter 25.  Syndication and Podcasting
        Appendix A.  (X)HTML Reference
        Appendix B.  CSS Properties and Values
        Appendix C.  Intrinsic Events
        Appendix D.  (X)HTML Symbols and Characters
        Appendix E.  Hexadecimals
        Appendix F.  (X)HTML Tools
      (X)HTML Editors
      (X)HTML Editors
      Images and Graphics
      Graphics Tools

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