Java Web Services

Part One - The Foundation
Chapter 1- Web Services Overview
Chapter 2- Service-Oriented Architecture
Chapter 3- Component-Based Service Development
Chapter 4- SOAP
Chapter 5- WSDL
Chapter 6- UDDI
Chapter 7- ebXML
Part Two - The JAX APIs
Chapter 8- Java Web Service Developer Pack
Chapter 9- JAXP
Chapter 10- JAX-RPC
Chapter 11- JAXM
Chapter 12- JAXR
Chapter 13- JAXB
Part Three - Advanced Topics
Chapter 14- Transaction Management
Chapter 15- Security
Chapter 16- Practical Considerations
Chapter 17- Future Standards
Appendix A- XML Schema
Appendix B- JSTL
Appendix C- The Software Architect's Role
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Listings
List of Sidebars

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