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Visual Quickstart Guide MySQL

    Chapter I.  Introduction
      What Is MySQL?
      MySQL Versions
      Primary MySQL Resources
      Technical Requirements
      About This Book
      Is This Book for You?
      Companion Web Site
      Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?
    Chapter 1.  Installing MySQL
      General Installation Steps
      Installing MySQL on Windows
      Configuring MySQL on Windows
      Installing MySQL on Macintosh
      Installing MySQL on Linux
      Basic Configuration Options
      Upgrading MySQL
    Chapter 2.  Running MySQL
      Running MySQL on Windows and Windows NT
      Running MySQL on Mac OS X
      Running MySQL on Linux and Unix
      Using Mysqladmin
      Setting the Root User Password
      Using the Mysql Client
      Users and Privileges
    Chapter 3.  Database Design
      Understanding Keys
      Understanding Relationships
      First Normal Form
      Second Normal Form
      Third Normal Form
    Chapter 4.  Creating a MySQL Database
      MySQL Data Types
      Extra Column Characteristics
      Introduction to Indexes
      Finalizing a Table's Design
      Choosing a Storage Engine
      Character Sets and Collations
      Creating Databases
      Creating Tables
      Modifying Tables
    Chapter 5.  Basic SQL
      Using Values in Queries
      Inserting Data
      Selecting Data
      Using Conditionals
      Using LIKE and NOT LIKE
      Performing Joins
      Sorting Query Results
      Limiting Query Results
      Updating Data
      Deleting Data
    Chapter 6.  MySQL Functions
      Text Functions
      Concatenation and Aliases
      Numeric Functions
    Chapter 7.  MySQL and PHP
      Connecting to MySQL and Selecting a Database
      Executing Simple Queries
      Retrieving Query Results
      Using mysqli_insert_id()
      Error Handling
      Security Considerations
    Chapter 8.  MySQL and Perl
      Installing Perl with MySQL Support on Windows
      Installing Perl Support for MySQL on Unix and Mac OS X
      Testing Perl and MySQL
      Connecting to MySQL
      Retrieving Query Results
      Executing Simple Queries
      Retrieving the Insert ID
      Error Handling
      Security Considerations
      Using Prepared Statements
    Chapter 9.  MySQL and Java
      Installing Java Support for MySQL
      Connecting to the Database
      Executing Simple Queries
      Retrieving Query Results
      Retrieving the Insert ID
      Using Prepared Statements
    Chapter 10.  Advanced SQL and MySQL
      Performing Transactions
      Full-Text Searching
      Regular Expressions
      User-Defined Variables
      Introducing Unions
    Chapter 11.  MySQL 5 Features
      Stored Routines
      Using OUT Parameters
    Chapter 12.  Techniques for Programming
      Storing and Retrieving Binary Data
      Making Query Result Pages
      Using Transactions with Perl
    Chapter 13.  MySQL Administration
      The MySQL Administrator
      Backing Up Databases
      Importing Data
      MySQL Logging
      Database Maintenance
      Improving Performance
      Using Batch Files
    Appendix A.  Troubleshooting
      Starting MySQL
      Accessing MySQL
      mysql.sock Problems
      Queries That Return Strange Results
      Authentication Protocol Problems
      Resetting the Root Password
    Appendix B.  SQL and MySQL References
      Basic SQL
      ALTER Commands
      SQL Clauses
      MySQL Privileges
      MySQL Data Types
      MySQL Functions
      Other References
    Appendix C.  Resources
      Third-Party MySQL Applications

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