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Conventions and features
As you read through these pages, you’ll also find different icons that indicate important information.
You should pay close attention to these special notes. They stand out from the rest of the text because
it’s information that you don’t want to miss. The icons that you’ll find include:
— Notes including information that’s not necessarily part of the section, but that will
help you understand either a process or a theory in search engine optimization.
— Tips can be shortcuts, an easier way of doing something, or a short bit of informa-
tion that will help you better comprehend the strategies and actions that are covered. In
general, a Tip will make your SEO efforts easier.
Caution —
Pay particular attention to cautions. A caution includes information and advice
that could, if not followed, have less than pleasant repercussions. If there’s something you
shouldn’t do or should use care in doing, it’s included in a Caution.
— Stands for a cross-reference, something of interest in another part of the book.
Each of these features is designed to make the process of learning about SEO easier for you. So if
you see one of them, take the time to read through it in the context of where it’s located. The addi-
tional information should help you better understand the SEO process.
Where to Go from Here
Before you even finish reading the Search Engine Optimization , you’ll be itching to start put-
ting some of the strategies that are covered here into place. Go for it. Just keep the book handy to
refer to. And remember to come back and finish reading the sections that you haven’t completed.
Also remember that implementing SEO is an ongoing process. You can start immediately, but you
have to keep it up, even once the desired increases are achieved. The effort you put into it will pay off
in terms of the traffic increases to your site. And even better than the traffic increases is the improved
conversion rate you should experience. In other words, more people will show up at your site and
take the actions that you want them to take while they’re there.
It’s not easy to achieve, but if you work at it, you can expect to see major improvements over time.
Good luck!
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