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Search Engine Optimization Marketing (Seo) tutorial.

Table of contents #1

Welcome to the Search Engine Optimization
Who Should Read This Book
Understanding SEO
Where to Go from Here
Understanding SEO
Search Engine Basics
The search capabilities of Archie
What Is a Search Engine?
Query interface
Crawlers, spiders, and robots
Search algorithms
Retrieval and ranking
Ranking plays such a large part in search engine optimization
Characteristics of Search
Overview of Google
Secondary search engines
Manipulating Search Engines
Create a web site that contains meta tags
Creating an SEO Plan
Understanding Why You Need SEO
Setting SEO Goals
Creating Your SEO Plan
Prioritizing pages
Finishing the plan
Understanding Organic SEO
Achieving Organic SEO
Google Analytics
Internal and external links
User experience
Site interactivity
important aspects of your web site’s traffic patterns
SEO Strategies
Building Your Site for SEO
Before You Build Your Site
Page elements
Not all search engines take meta tags into consideration
Does hosting matter?
Where SEO is concerned
Understanding usability
Usability considerations
Components of an SEO-Friendly Page
Understanding entry and exit pages
Choosing an Analytics Program
Using powerful titles
Creating great content
Maximizing graphics
Problem Pages and Work-Arounds
Painful portals
Fussy frames
Programming Languages and SEO
Dynamic ASP
Other Design Concerns
Duplicate content
After Your Site Is Built
Dealing with updates and site changes
The Importance of Keywords
Using the correct keywords
Understanding Heuristics
Visibility of system status
The Ever-Elusive Algorithm
Using Anchor Text
Picking the Right Keywords
Broad Keywords vs. Specific Key Phrases
What’s the Right Keyword Density?
View Source
Keywords and Your Web Site
Taking Advantage of Organic Keywords
More About Keyword Optimization
Pay-per-Click and SEO
any SEO strategy
How Pay-per-Click Works
Determining visitor value
Putting pay-per-click to work
Product pay-per-click programs
Understanding How PPC Affects SEO
PPC Is Not Paid Inclusion!
Keyword Competitive Research
Overture Keyword Selector Tool
Google AdWords Keyword Tool
concrete numbers

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