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Understanding SEO
earch engine optimization (SEO) is such a broad term. It
can be quite overwhelming if you try to take the whole
of it in a single bite. There are so many facets of search
engine optimization, from how search engines work (and they
all work a little differently) to how a web page is designed. There
are enough elements to worry about that you could spend far
more time than you can afford to invest in trying to achieve the
SEO you have in mind. However, search engine optimization
doesn’t have to be such an onerous task that it can’t be accom-
plished. Not if you understand what it is and how it works.
Part I explains the basics of search engine optimization. This part
includes an explanation of what search engines are and how they
work. There is also an explanation of the concept of an SEO plan.
Together, these two elements will have you up to speed and ready
to begin implementing the right SEO strategies to build the web
site traffic that you need.
Chapter 1
Search Engine Basics
Chapter 2
Creating an SEO Plan
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