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Query interface
The query interface is what most people are familiar with, and it’s probably what comes to mind
when you hear the term “search engine.” The query interface is the page that users see when they
navigate to a search engine to enter a search term.
There was a time when the search engine interface looked very much like the page shown
in Figure 1-1. The interface was a simple page with a search box and a button to activate the search.
Today, many search engines on the Web have added much more personalized content in an attempt
to capitalize on the real estate available to them. For example, Yahoo! Search, shown in Figure 1-2,
allows users to personalize their pages with a free e-mail account, weather information, news, sports,
and many other elements designed to make users want to return to that site to conduct their web
One other option users have for customizing the interfaces of their search engines is a capability
like the one Google offers. The Google search engine has a customizable interface to which users
can add different gadgets. These gadgets allow users to add features to their customized Google
search home that meet their own personal needs or tastes.
The search page shows how most search engine interfaces used to look.
Understanding SEO
Part I
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