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Yahoo! Search allows users to make their search page more personal.
When it comes to search engine optimization, Google’s user interface offers the most ability for you
to reach your target audience, because it does more than just optimize your site for search; if there
is a useful tool or feature available on your site, you can allow users to have access to this tool or
feature through the Application Programming Interface (API) made available by Google. This allows
you to have your name in front of users on a daily basis.
You can find more information about Google APIs in Appendix A in the section
“Optimization for Google.”
For example, a company called has a Google gadget that allows users to turn their doc-
uments into PDF files, right from their Google home page once the gadget has been added. If the
point of search engine optimization is ultimately to get your name in front of as many people as
possible, as often as possible, then making a gadget available for addition to Google’s personalized
home page can only further that goal.
Crawlers, spiders, and robots
The query interface is the only part of a search engine that the user ever sees. Every other part of
the search engine is behind the scenes, out of view of the people who use it every day. That doesn’t
mean it’s not important, however. In fact, what’s in the back end is the most important part of the
search engine.
There’s more in-depth information about crawlers, spiders, and robots in Chapter 14.
Search Engine Basics
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