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earch engine optimization is a collection of strategies that improve the
level at which your web site is ranked in the results returned when a
user searches for a key word or phrase.
By now, that’s a definition you should be pretty familiar with. What you proba-
bly don’t know (yet) is how to achieve SEO. You can’t do it all at once. Instead,
SEO has to happen in stages. If you try to implement too many strategies at
one time, two things are going to happen.
First, you won’t be able to tell which of your efforts are successful. Imple
menting one strategy at a time makes it possible for you to pinpoint which
strategies are working and which are not.
Second, when you try to implement too many strategies at one time, your
efforts — even the successful ones — could be lost in the shuffle. It’s like hav-
ing too many children running around the house on the weekend. If you’re
not paying complete attention to all of them (and that’s virtually impossible),
at least one is bound to get into something.
SEO is most successful when you concentrate on one effort at a time. A great
place to start concentrating is on the way your site is built. One of the first
things that attracts a search engine crawler is the actual design of your site.
Tags, links, navigational structure, and content are just a few of the elements
that catch crawlers’ attention.
Before you build your web site
Understanding basic web-site
Components of an SEO-
friendly site
Web-site structure: Hierarchical
and interlinked
Problem pages and work-arounds
How programming languages
affect SEO
Other site-design concerns
After your site is built
Building Your
Site for SEO
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