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Not all search engines take meta tags into consideration. For that reason, you site should use both
meta tags and other HTML tags. Some of the other HTML tags that you should include on your web
site are the title tag, the top (or H1) heading tags, and the anchor tags.
The title tag is the tag that’s used in the title of your web site. This tag will appear like this:
<Title>Your Title Here</Title>
Once you’ve tagged your site with a title tag, when a user pulls the site up, the title that you entered
will appear at the very top of the page if the user is using an Internet Explorer browser (IE) earlier
than IE7, as shown in Figure 3-1. In IE7 and the Firefox browser, the title will appear on the browser
tab, shown in Figures 3-2 and 3-3.
High-level headings (H1s) are also important when a crawler examines your web site. Your keywords
should appear in your H1 headings, and in the HTML tags you use to create those headings. An H1
tag might look like this:
<h1>High-Level Heading</h1>
Anchor tags are used to create links to other pages. An anchor tag can point users to another web
page, a file on the Web, or even an image or sound file. You’re probably most familiar with the anchor
tags used to create links to other web sites. Here’s what an anchor tag might look like:
<a href=””>Text for link</a>
The reverse bar in Internet Explorer versions below IE7 will show the title that you’ve entered in the HTML
title tag.
Title-tag display
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JavaScript Editor Debugger script     Freeware javascript editor 
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