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A site map allows you to include links to all of your pages, two to three levels deep, that include keywords
and anchor tags.
Components of an SEO-Friendly Page
Building an SEO-friendly web site doesn’t happen by accident. It requires an understanding of what
elements search engines examine and how those elements affect your ranking. It also requires includ-
ing as many of those elements as possible on your site. It does little good to have all the right meta
tags in place if you have no content and no links on your page.
It’s easy to get caught up in the details of SEO and forget the simplest web-design principles — princi-
ples that play a large part in your search engine rankings. Having all the right keywords in the right
places in your tags and titles won’t do you much good if the content on your page is non-existent or
completely unreachable by a search engine crawler.
Building Your Site for SEO
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