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The navigational path can be shown on each web page in the path to help users understand where on the
site they’re located.
Using powerful titles
Page titles are one of the most important elements of site optimization. When a crawler examines
your site, the first elements it looks at are the page titles. And when your site is ranked in search
results, page titles are again one of the top elements considered. So when you create your web site,
you need to have great page titles.
There are several considerations when coming up with your page titles. Here are some of the key
factors to consider:
Unless you’re Microsoft, don’t use your company name in the page title. A better choice
is to use a descriptive keyword or phrase that tells users exactly what’s on the page. This
helps ensure that your search engine rankings are accurate.
Try to keep page titles to less than 50 characters, including spaces. Some search engines
will index only up to 50 characters; others might index as many as 150. However, main-
taining shorter page titles forces you to be precise in the titles that you choose and ensures
that your page title will never be cut off in the search results.
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