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Going back to brand keywords for a moment, if you don’t use the keywords contained in your busi-
ness name, business description, and specific category of business, you’re missing out. It seems as if
it wouldn’t be necessary to use these keywords, because they’re already associated with your site, but
if you don’t own them, who will? And if someone else owns them, how will they use those keywords
to direct traffic away from your site?
Before we go too much further in this description of keywords and how to choose the right one,
you should know that keywords fall into two other categories: those keywords you pay a fee to
use (called pay-per-click), and those naturally occurring keywords that just seem to work for you
without the need to pay someone to ensure they appear in search results (these are called organic
When you think about purchasing keywords, these fall into the pay-per-click category. When you
stumble upon a keyword that works, that falls into the organic category.
When you begin considering the keywords that you’ll use on your site, the best place to start brain-
storming is with keywords that apply to your business. Every business has its own set of buzzwords
that people think about when they think about that business or the products or services related to
the business. Start your brainstorming session with words and phrases that are broad in scope, but
may not bring great search results. Then narrow down your selections to more specific words and
phrases, which will bring highly targeted traffic. Table 4-1 shows how broad keywords compare to
specific key phrases.
Broad Keywords vs. Specific Key Phrases
Broad Keywords and Phrases
Specific Key Phrases
Hunting Knives
Indian Knives
American Indian Knives
Damascus Knives
Vintage Damascus Knives
Chapter 5 contains more specifics about choosing the right keywords and key phrases. The
principal for choosing keywords is the same, whether the words you’re using are in PPC pro-
grams or they occur organically, so all of the elements of keyword selection for both categories
are covered there.
When you’re considering the words that you’ll use for keywords, also consider phrases
of two to three words. Because key phrases can be much more specific than single words,
it’s easier to rank high with a key phrase than with a keyword. Key phrases are used in the same ways
as keywords, they’re just longer.
SEO Strategies
Part II
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