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number of times on your site, it will discover very quickly that your site can’t support the number
of times you’ve used that keyword or keyphrase. The result will be that your site is either dropped
deeper into the ranking or (and this is what happens in most cases), it will be removed completely
from search engine rankings.
Keyword stuffing is one more black-hat SEO technique that you should avoid. To keep from
inadvertently crossing the keyword stuffing line, you’ll need to do your “due diligence” when
researching your keywords. And you’ll have to use caution when placing keywords on your web
site or in the meta tagging of your site. Use your keywords only the number of times that it’s
absolutely essential. And if it’s not essential, don’t use the word or phrase simply as a tactic to
increase your rankings. Don’t be tempted. The result of that temptation could be the exact oppo-
site of what you’re trying to achieve.
More About Keyword Optimization
There is much more to learn about keywords and pay-per-click programs. In the next chapter,
you learn more about how to conduct keyword research, what pay-per-click programs are, and
how to select the right keywords for your web site. But remember, keywords are just tools to
help you improve your search rankings. When designing your site, the site should be designed
to inform, enlighten, or persuade your site visitor to reach a goal conversion.
And that’s truly what SEO is all about. Keywords may be a major component to your SEO strate-
gies, but SEO is about bringing in more visitors who reach more goal conversions. Without those
conversions, all of the site visitors in the world don’t really mean anything more than that people
dropped by.
Keywords and Your Web Site
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