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ay-per-click (PPC) is one of those terms that you hear connected to
keywords so often you might think they were the conjoined twins of
SEO. They’re not, really. Keywords and PPC do go hand in hand, but it
is possible to have keywords without PPC. It’s not always advisable, however.
Hundreds of PPC services are available, but they are not all created equal.
Some PPC services work with actual search rankings, whereas others are
more about text advertisements. Then there are the category-specific PPC
programs, such as those for keywords, products, and services.
The main goal of a PPC program is to drive traffic to your site, but ideally
you want more out of PPC results than just visits. What’s most important is
traffic that reaches some conversion goal that you’ve set for your web site.
To achieve these goal conversions, you may have to experiment with differ-
ent techniques, keywords, and even PPC services.
PPC programs have numerous advantages over traditional search engine
No changes to a current site design are required. You don’t have
to change any code or add any other elements to your site. All you
have to do is bid on and pay for the keywords you’d like to target.
PPC implementation is quick and easy. After signing up for a PPC
program, it might only take a few minutes to start getting targeted
traffic to your web site. With SEO campaigns that don’t include
PPC, it could take months for you to build the traffic levels that PPC
can build in hours (assuming your PPC campaign is well targeted).
PPC implementation is also quick and easy, and it doesn’t require any
specialized knowledge. Your PPC campaigns will be much better tar-
geted, however, if you understand keywords and how they work.
How pay-per-click works
Pay-per-click categories
How PPC affects SEO
Conducting your competitive
Choosing effective keywords
Finalizing your keyword list
Pay-per-Click and SEO
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