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mpn (Manufacturer’s Part Number)
Some product PPC programs will require XML-formatted feeds; however, most will allow text
delimited Excel files (simple CSV files). This means you can create your product lists in an Excel
spreadsheet, and then save that spreadsheet as text delimited by selecting File
Save As and
ensuring the file type selected is text delimited.
Service pay-per-click programs
When users search for a service of any type, such as travel reservations, they are likely to use search
engines related specifically to that type of service. For example, a user searching for the best price
for hotel reservations in Orlando, Florida, might go to Advertisers, in this case
hotel chains, can choose to pay for their rank in the search results using a service PPC program.
Service PPC programs are similar to product PPC programs with the only difference being the type
of product or service that is offered. Product PPC programs are more focused on e-commerce prod-
ucts, whereas service PPC programs are focused on businesses that have a specific service to offer.
Service PPC programs also require an RSS feed, and even some of the same attribute listings as prod-
uct PPC programs. Some of the service PPC programs you might be familiar with are
and In addition, however, many product PPC programs have expanded to include
services. One such vendor is NexTag.
In addition to the three categories of PPC programs discussed in this text, there is an
additional one. Pay-per-call is a type of keyword advertising in which search results
include a phone number. Each time a call is connected through that phone number, the company
that owns the number is charged for the advertising, just as if it were paying for a traditional pay-
per-click service.
Understanding How PPC Affects SEO
There’s a lot of debate about how an organization should use organic keyword marketing versus
the way those same organizations should use PPC marketing. And there seem to be two (and pos-
sibly three) distinct camps about what should and shouldn’t happen with these different types of
Pay-per-Click and SEO
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