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Trellian provides slightly different information about each keyword or phrase, and is a subscription service.
Google AdWords Keyword Tool:
Google’s Keyword Tool provides suggestions for addi-
tional words that you may not have considered. In the results shown in Figure 5-5 (again
using the term “business technology writer”), there are some graphs related to the number
of times the words are searched for and to the competition that you might face if you select
that word. However, there are no actual numbers, so your decisions about competition will
include a high element of guesswork.
What you might find unique about the Google Keyword Tool is the ability to have the tool
examine your web page or even your entire web site and make suggestions for keywords
and phrases that might be useful in marketing your site. The results of such a search, as
illustrated in Figure 5-6, may include terms that you haven’t considered.
One thing that you should remember as you’re using any of these keyword suggestion tools is that
you’re not only checking to see how competitive a keyword is, but you’re also checking to see if
it’s popular, and you’re keeping your eyes open for those unexpected keywords that are not highly
competitive but are completely relevant to your site.
While you’re testing potential new terms, it’s also a good idea to test any keywords that your site is
already using to see which ones are effective and which are not. The keywords that are effective —
meaning those that result in visitors and goal conversions — are the keywords to hang on to. Any
that aren’t performing well should be replaced with new keywords.
What this means is that your keyword research is an ongoing chore. Because your site is likely to
change over time, your keywords will also change. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to conduct reg-
ular keyword research to see which keywords or phrases are working and which are not, as well as
to add new keywords to your list.
Pay-per-Click and SEO
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