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You can make changes to the Visual FoxPro environment by using the Options dialog box, editing the Windows registry, overriding default configuration settings, customizing the Project Manager, and configuring Visual FoxPro toolbars.

In This Section

How to: View and Change Environment Settings

Describes how to view and change environment settings.
How to: Specify the Location of Temporary Files

Describes how to change the default location for saving temporary files in Visual FoxPro.
How to: Change Configuration Settings in the Windows Registry

Describes how configure Visual FoxPro by making changes to the Windows registry using the Registry Editor.
Setting Configuration Options at Startup

Describes how to set or override default configuration opens when starting Visual FoxPro.
How to: Specify the Configuration File

Describes how to specify or suppress configuration files when starting Visual FoxPro.
How to: Create a Configuration File

Describes how to create configuration files to use when starting Visual FoxPro.
Special Terms for Configuration Files

Provides a list of special terms you can use in configuration files.
How to: Use Command-Line Options When Starting Visual FoxPro

Explains how to specify startup options by using a command-line switch.
How to: Configure Visual FoxPro Toolbars

Describes how to customize, display, and hide toolbars.
How to: Dock Windows

Describes how to dock Visual FoxPro windows to the main Visual FoxPro window or to each other.
How to: Set Editor Options

Explains how to configure Visual FoxPro editors.
How to: Display and Print Source Code in Color

Describes how to configure settings for displaying and printing program files, methods, stored procedures, and memos in color.
Automating Keystroke Tasks with Macros

Describes how to record and save keystrokes using macros.

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Customizing the Visual FoxPro Environment

Explains customizing development environment settings.
Visual FoxPro Configuration

Explains configuring Visual FoxPro.
Restoring the Visual FoxPro Interactive Environment

Describes closing operations and clearing the Visual FoxPro desktop to return to its interactive state.

JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development 
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