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In addition to using the SET command and a configuration file, you can specify startup options by including a command-line switch. For example, using command-line options, you can suppress the display of the Visual FoxPro splash screen, which displays at the startup of Visual FoxPro, or specify a nondefault configuration file.

To use a command-line switch

  • On the command line or in a shortcut, add the switch after the name of the Visual FoxPro executable file, VFPVersionNumber.exe where VersionNumber represents the version number of this release or any Visual FoxPro-created .exe file.

    If the command-line switch requires arguments, such as a file name, do not put a space between the switch and the argument. For example, to specify a configuration file, use a command such as:

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    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual FoxPro VersionNumber\VFPVersionNumber.exe -CC:\MYAPP.FPW

    Separate multiple options with single spaces.

The following table lists the command-line switches available in Visual FoxPro.

Switch Description


Ignore the default configuration file and Windows registry settings.


Display a custom bitmap (.bmp), .gif, or .jpg graphic file and specify its display duration in milliseconds when Visual FoxPro starts. You can also include the -B command-line switch in a Visual FoxPro shortcut.

If the bitmap you specify cannot be located, the bitmap does not display when Visual FoxPro starts.


Specify a configuration file, including a path if necessary, other than the default file, Config.fpw.


Specify a resource file, including a path if necessary, other than the default, vfp*ENU.dll, so you can use Visual FoxPro in a language other than the current language specified by Windows.


In earlier versions, refresh the Windows registry with information about Visual FoxPro, such as associations for Visual FoxPro files. In later versions, use /regserver.


Suppress the display of the Visual FoxPro splash screen. By default, when Visual FoxPro starts, it displays a splash screen that shows the Visual FoxPro logo, version number, and other information. If you prefer that users of your application not see this splash screen, you can prevent Visual FoxPro from displaying it using the -T command-line switch.


List the available command-line arguments. Available in Visual FoxPro 7.0 and later.


Register Visual FoxPro default registry keys.

REGSVR32 server.dll

Register a .dll component.


Remove Visual FoxPro default registry keys.

/u server.dll

Remove a .dll component.

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