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You can create labels that you can affix to envelopes and packages or for custom use by using the Label Wizard. In the wizard, labels are generated from the entries in a table. For information about starting the Label Wizard, see How to: Create Labels.

Step 1 – Select Tables

In this step, you select a table or view as the source for your labels. If you use a table, then you will get all the fields in the table to use on your label. Choosing a view can make it possible for you to pre-select certain records or certain fields in each record from a table.

Step 2 - Choose Label Type

In this step, you can choose a standard or custom label by name, size, and available columns.

The wizard lists the standard label types that are installed with Visual FoxPro. The wizard also lists any label types you create using the AddLabel application in the \Tools folder.

You also can launch the Add Label wizard by clicking the New Label button. For information, see How to: Add a Label Definition Using

Step 3 – Define Layout

In this step, you select the fields you want to use on the label and specify the layout, font, and any commentary text you want to appear on the label.

Add the fields in the order you want them to appear on the label. You can use the punctuation (comma, period, colon, and hyphen), new line, and Space buttons to format the label. Use the Text box to add text. You also can use the Font button to change the font used on labels.

As you add items to the label, the picture in the wizard window is updated to show approximately how your label will look. Check this picture to see if the fields you have chosen will fit on the label. The text lines will extend beyond the bottom edge of the label if there are too many lines.

Step 4 – Sort Records

In this step, you can specify the sort order of your labels. For example, if they are to be mailing labels, then you might sort by city, state, or zip code. However, if they are folder or party labels, then you might want to sort alphabetically by names.

Select the fields or index tag in the order that you would like to sort the records.

Step 5 - Finish

In this step, you choose how to save your labels. You can save them for later use; you can save them for modification in the Label designer, which makes it possible for you to use one of the default labels as a basis for a custom label of your own design; or you can print the labels immediately from Visual FoxPro.

You can choose Preview to verify your choices before finishing.

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