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Automatically creates a macro by recording your keystrokes until you stop recording.

This dialog box appears when you choose Record in the Macros Dialog Box.

Defined Key

Displays the key combination you press that will run the macro. To assign your macro to a particular keystroke, put the cursor in this field, and then press the key or key combination. Visual FoxPro puts the name of the key or key combination you pressed into this field and assigns the macro you are about to record to that key or key combination.
Macro Name

Displays the default macro name, which is based on the defined key. For example, if the defined key is CTRL+D, the macro name will be CTRL_D. If you want to rename the macro, type the new name (up to 20 characters) in the box. The recording does not begin until you click OK, which puts the insertion point in the command window where you record the macro.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development