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The Application Wizard creates a Project and a Visual FoxPro Enhanced Application Framework and then opens the Application Builder, so you can add a database, tables, forms, or reports you have created already. You also can create a new application in the Application Builder using database or table templates.

To access the Application Wizard from the Tools menu, choose Wizards, and click Application.

The wizard will display a dialog box in which you can specify the name and location of your new application.

Project name edit box

Makes it possible for you to specify the name of the project that is displayed in the Project title bar.
Project file edit box

Makes it possible for you to specify the file name and location of the new project.
Browse button

Makes it possible for you to locate an existing project file to use in the Application Builder.
Create project directory structure check box

Makes it possible for you to determine whether or not to have Visual FoxPro create the project directory structure for you automatically. The wizard creates a template that includes all possible application files, although you might not need them all. If you already have created your application files, leave this box cleared.

The Application Wizard will display a wait window that prompts you to wait as it generates the necessary Application framework file structure, the Visual FoxPro Application framework, for your application. When the process has completed, the wizard will display the new project window and the Application Builder so you can complete the details of your new application.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development