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You can extend both the design-time and run-time elements of the Visual FoxPro Report System. The topics in this section show you how to customize the Report and Label designers and the output you receive from the REPORT FORM and LABEL commands.

Visual FoxPro ships with a number of applications that take advantage of the new extension features. This section includes information you can use to customize the shipping applications and add your own components to them.

In This Section

Extending Reports at Design Time

Describes the event hooks in the Report and Label designers and how to leverage the default Report Builder application or replace it with your own custom application.
Extending Reports at Run Time

Discusses how to take advantage of the Report Preview and Report Output run-time features.
Understanding and Extending Report Structure

Shows you how to explore and extend report and layout definition tables (.frx and .lbx files).
Report XML MemberData Extensions

Discusses the supported XML Memberdata format, shared by the Report System with Visual FoxPro Property Sheet extensions, and ways you can leverage its contents in reports.
Using GDI+ in Reports

Provides information about how Visual FoxPro 9's use of GDI+ impacts native reporting behavior, as well as additional uses you can make of GDI+ in your code.

Related Sections

Working with Reports

Introduces Visual FoxPro reports and labels and how to include them in your applications.
ReportListener Object

Provides information about the Visual FoxPro baseclass used to support run-time Report System extensions.

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