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Retrieves various runtime behaviours of the current FTP stream (PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)
mixed ftp_get_option ( resource ftp_stream, int option )

This function returns the value for the requested option from the specified FTP connection.



The link identifier of the FTP connection.


Currently, the following options are supported:

Table 101. Supported runtime FTP options

FTP_TIMEOUT_SEC Returns the current timeout used for network related operations.
FTP_AUTOSEEK Returns TRUE if this option is on, FALSE otherwise.

Return Values

Returns the value on success or FALSE if the given option is not supported. In the latter case, a warning message is also thrown.


Example 726. ftp_get_option() example

// Get the timeout of the given FTP stream
$timeout = ftp_get_option($conn_id, FTP_TIMEOUT_SEC);