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Determine if GeoIP Database is available (PECL geoip:1.0.1)
bool geoip_db_avail ( int database )

The geoip_db_avail() function returns if the corresponding GeoIP Database is available and can be opened on disk.

It does not indicate if the file is a proper database, only if it is readable.



The database type as an integer. You can use the various constants defined with this extension (ie: GEOIP_*_EDITION).

Return Values

Returns TRUE is database exists, FALSE if not found, or NULL on error.


Example 768. A geoip_db_avail() example

This will output the current database version string.


if (geoip_db_avail(GEOIP_COUNTRY_EDITION))

The above example will output:

GEO-106FREE 20080801 Build 1 Copyright (c) 2006 MaxMind LLC All Rights Reserved