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Gets options from the command line argument list (PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)
array getopt ( string options [, array longopts] )

Returns an associative array of option / argument pairs based on the options format specified in options, or FALSE on an error.



The options parameter may contain the following elements: individual characters, and characters followed by a colon to indicate an option argument is to follow. For example, an option string x recognizes an option -x, and an option string x: recognizes an option and argument -x argument. It does not matter if an argument has leading white space.


Return Values

This function will return an array of option / argument pairs. If an option does not have an argument, the value will be set to FALSE.


5.3.0 This function is no longer system dependent and works on Windows too.


Example 1842. getopt() Example

// parse the command line ($GLOBALS['argv'])
$options = getopt("f:hp:");