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Issue HTTP redirect (PECL pecl_http:0.1.0-1.5.5)
void http_redirect ( [string url [, array params [, bool session = FALSE [, int status]]]] )

Redirect to the given url.

The supplied url will be expanded with http_build_url(), the params array will be treated with http_build_str() and the session identification will be appended if session is true. The HTTP response code will be set according to status. You can use one of the redirect constants for convenience. Please see » RFC 2616 for which redirect response code to use in which situation. By default PHP will decide which response status fits best.

To be RFC compliant, "Redirecting to <a>URL</a>." will be displayed, if the client doesn't redirect immediately, and the request method was another one than HEAD.

A log entry will be written to the redirect log, if the INI setting http.log.redirect is set and the redirect attempt was successful.



the URL to redirect to


associative array of query parameters


whether to append session information


custom response status code

Return Values

Returns FALSE or exits on success with the specified redirection status code. See the INI setting http.force_exit for what "exits" means.


Example 897. A http_redirect() example

("relpath", array("name" => "value"), true, HTTP_REDIRECT_PERM);

The above example will output:

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.2.2
Content-Type: text/html

Redirecting to <a href="/"></a>.

See Also
the HttpResponse class if you are using PHP-5.1 and above