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Sets the format of timestamp, date and time type columns returned from queries (PHP 4)
bool ibase_timefmt ( string format [, int columntype] )

Sets the format of timestamp, date or time type columns returned from queries.

You can set defaults for these formats with the PHP configuration directives ibase.timestampformat, ibase.dateformat and ibase.timeformat.


This function has been removed from PHP 5, use ini_set() instead.



Internally, the columns are formatted by c-function strftime(), so refer to its documentation regarding to the format of the string.


columntype is one of the constants IBASE_TIMESTAMP, IBASE_DATE and IBASE_TIME. If omitted, defaults to IBASE_TIMESTAMP for backwards compatibility.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


Example 689. ibase_timefmt() example

/* InterBase 6 TIME-type columns will be returned in
* the form '05 hours 37 minutes'. */
ibase_timefmt("%H hours %M minutes", IBASE_TIME);