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Returns current seek position a of large object (PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)
int pg_lo_tell ( resource large_object )

pg_lo_tell() returns the current position (offset from the beginning) of a large object.

To use the large object interface, it is necessary to enclose it within a transaction block.



PostgreSQL large object (LOB) resource, returned by pg_lo_open().

Return Values

The current seek offset (in number of bytes) from the beginning of the large object. If there is an error, the return value is negative.


Example 1951. pg_lo_tell() example

= 189762345;
$database = pg_connect("dbname=jacarta");
pg_query($database, "begin");
$handle = pg_lo_open($database, $doc_oid, "r");
// Skip first 50000 bytes
pg_lo_seek($handle, 50000, PGSQL_SEEK_SET);
// See how far we've skipped
$offset = pg_lo_tell($handle);
"Seek position is: $offset";
pg_query($database, "commit");

The above example will output:

Seek position is: 50000

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