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Return the real group ID of the current process (PHP 4, PHP 5)
int posix_getgid ( )

Return the numeric real group ID of the current process.

Return Values

Returns the real group id, as an integer.


Example 1870. posix_getgid() example

This example will print out the real group id, even once the effective group id has been changed.

echo 'My real group id is '.posix_getgid(); //20
'My real group id is '.posix_getgid(); //20
echo 'My effective group id is '.posix_getegid(); //40

See Also
posix_getgrgid() for information on how to convert this into a useable group name
posix_getegid() get effective group id.
posix_setgid() change the effective group id
POSIX man page GETGID(2)