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Load a new dictionary with settings based on a given config (PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5)
int pspell_new_config ( int config )

pspell_new_config() opens up a new dictionary with settings specified in a config, created with pspell_config_create() and modified with pspell_config_*() functions. This method provides you with the most flexibility and has all the functionality provided by pspell_new() and pspell_new_personal().



The config parameter is the one returned by pspell_config_create() when the config was created.

Return Values

Returns a dictionary link identifier on success.


Example 2034. pspell_new_config()

= pspell_config_create("en");
pspell_config_personal($pspell_config, "/var/dictionaries/custom.pws");
pspell_config_repl($pspell_config, "/var/dictionaries/custom.repl");
$pspell_link = pspell_new_config($pspell_config);