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Returns the name of a particular field (PHP 5, PECL sqlite:1.0-1.0.3)
string sqlite_field_name ( resource result, int field_index )

Object oriented style (method):

SQLiteResult {
  string fieldName(int field_index);
SQLiteUnbuffered {
  string fieldName(int field_index);

Given the ordinal column number, field_index, sqlite_field_name() returns the name of that field in the result set result.



The SQLite result resource. This parameter is not required when using the object-oriented method.


The ordinal column number in the result set.

Return Values

Returns the name of a field in an SQLite result set, given the ordinal column number; FALSE on error.

The column names returned by SQLITE_ASSOC and SQLITE_BOTH will be case-folded according to the value of the sqlite.assoc_case configuration option.