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Returns the timezone offset from GMT (PHP 5 >= 5.1.0)
int timezone_offset_get ( DateTimeZone object, DateTime datetime )
int DateTimeZone::getOffset ( DateTime datetime )

This function returns the offset to GMT for the date/time specified in the datetime parameter. The GMT offset is calculated with the timezone information contained in the DateTime object being used.



DateTimeZone object.


DateTime that contains the date/time to compute the offset from.

Return Values

Returns time zone offset in seconds on success or FALSE on failure.


Example 469. timezone_offset_get() examples

// Create two timezone objects, one for Taipei (Taiwan) and one for
// Tokyo (Japan)
$dateTimeZoneTaipei = new DateTimeZone("Asia/Taipei");
$dateTimeZoneJapan = new DateTimeZone("Asia/Tokyo");

// Create two DateTime objects that will contain the same Unix timestamp, but
// have different timezones attached to them.
$dateTimeTaipei = new DateTime("now", $dateTimeZoneTaipei);
$dateTimeJapan = new DateTime("now", $dateTimeZoneJapan);

// Calculate the GMT offset for the date/time contained in the $dateTimeTaipei
// object, but using the timezone rules as defined for Tokyo
// ($dateTimeZoneJapan).
$timeOffset = $dateTimeZoneJapan->getOffset($dateTimeTaipei);

// Should show int(32400) (for dates after Sat Sep 8 01:00:00 1951 JST).